Odenton Genial Genealogists

Mission / Purpose

The Odenton Genial Genealogists  (OGG ) Is operated as a non-profit educational organization. It's purpose is to assist individual members in collecting, preserving and distributing knowledge about their ancestors and descendants.  Among OGG's genealogical objectives are:
     1. To promote interest in accuracy and thoroughness and genealogy research
     2. To champion ethical standards and discourage/oppose disreputable practices or researchers
     3. To foster careful documentation and otherwise promote scholarly writing
     4. To issue publication 
     5. To encourage, promote and  provide scholarly training for all members interested in these endeavors
Membership is offered without regard to sex, race, color, creed or national origin.  Any individual willing to promote the genealogical objectives of OGG may be deemed eligible for membership upon application.  Registration with O'Malley Senior Center, or other Anne Arundel Senior Center is prerequisite for OGG membership.

Operating Year: January - December 2023

President: Don Graham
1st Vice President: Carolyn Russell
2nd Vice President: Lorraine Rohlik
Registrar: Rick Bosley
Treasurer: Judy Degreenia
Membership Chair: Rick Bosley
Newsletter: Vacant
Web Team: Vacant
Secretary: Vacant

Meeting Info

OGG regular meetings are two hours long, beginning at 1 pm and ending at 3 pm. Meetings are held at the O'Malley Senior Center Annex each Monday that the Center is open. The Annex is located at 1270 Odenton Road, Odenton, Maryland, 21113. The Center and Annex are closed on national holidays and on days of severe inclement weather.
OGG is a group of senior citizens interested in searching for and learning about our ancestors.  Our meetings are varied, but revolve around learning to do genealogical research and sharing our experiences.  We might have a member or outside lecturer, discuss our personal roadblocks or breakthroughs, or share an article, learn about collections in genealogical libraries, go on a field trip to various libraries to see their genealogical holdings, see a demonstration of a website or software, or share a meal with each other. Discussions are lively, informative and, above all, genial.